Subtitle Problem With Dvd Recorder

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smurfchops | 19:11 Thu 17th Jun 2021 | Technology
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Watching a few films which are quite old and I have watched before, most probably with subtitles. However I have just put in two DVDs and there is no option to switch on subtitles, they both just say Subtitles Off. On the sleeve it says there are subtitles. Why is this?


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Make and model of DVD machine, please? (The model number is probably on the back of it).
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Panasonic DMR BWT850. Tried two more DVDs, all say Subtitles Off, no option to change. I am not technical ! Thanks Chris
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When l record a programme into the DVD player with subtitles, it works fine. It’s just on DVDs, really weird.
What happen when you press the 'STTL' button (underneath the blue one) on the remote control?
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I have tried it while watching a programme I have recorded, it works fine, it is On. (It is always On). But still no good on DVDs… I pressed it while trying subtitles on a DVD and it still stayed the same. Subtitles Still Off….
I think your device must be a cousin of one I had, where it was impossible to turn subtitles off!

All I can suggest is firstly trying the old trick of turning it off and turning it on again. (By 'turning it off', I actually mean unplugging it and waiting for a minute or two before powering it up again). If that doesn't work, go into the menu settings to look for Initialize > Shipping Condition to return the unit back to its 'out of the box' state. (See page 80 in the manual: ).
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Thanks Chris, on and off usually works … hadn’t thought of that. Never mind, wish I wasn’t so deaf!
I may be misunderstanding the problem...but on commercially-produced DVDs, you select subtitles ON or OFF from the menu that appears onscreen at the start (usually says "Play Film, Select Scenes, Subtitles etc.). Pressing the "STTL" button on the remote only works on broadcast programmes.
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Ginge bee, yes I know and I have always done this, but it’s not working any more, I am recording something at the moment but will switch off and on when finished…. If that doesn’t work I am not technical and will shout Help again!
Have you used the up/down (and/or left/right) buttons to move the 'focus' on your screen to where it says 'Subtitles: Off'? (i.e. to get that bit highlighted). You should then be able to press something else to toggle between 'On' and 'Off'. (With many DVD players, you use up/down to select the area on the screen and then left/right to toggle between the options - but not all devices are the same).
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Yes, but there is nowhere to toggle left and right. Just says, Subtitles Off and nowhere to change it to Subtitles On…. I used to be able to do this, had no problems at all, also I have noticed it goes straight to the film, no adverts for three or four other films before it starts my film ….
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And switching off and on at plug made no difference ….
If you look at page 68 of the manual Buenchico showed you will see that there is a way of switching subtitles using the playback menu rather than a button on the remote control. It could be worth trying that method just in case the button on your remote is not working properly.
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Bhg, the button on the remote works fine on recorded programmes, it switches on and off. I have been using it ever since I started recording programmes. It is probably something really simple but so annoying when l can’t hear the film on DVD! There is just nowhere to make the choice of Subtitles Off to Subtitles On. Thanks all for your ongoing help.
I've just tried a DVD on my own Panasonic and found that the remote button was irrelevant. When I put the DVD in there was a menu option on the DVD to have subtitles on/off; switching on with that displayed subtitles, pressing the remote button had no effect at all. The TV settings were also irrelevant (we have subtitles OFF all the time but they were displayed when the DVD was set ON). It seems to prove that subtitles are a switched feature of the DVD itself NOT the player or the TV ie, the DVD itself adds the subtitles to the picture it sends to the TV.
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I have never had trouble in the past, I know how to switch subtitles on and off on DVDs, just suddenly no options to switch from Off to On. Just says Subtitles Off, on six DVDs I have tried ! Is there anywhere on the Function Menu I can try? Thanks for all your help everyone.
I can't see anything useful on the Function menu.

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