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CheekyChops | 23:44 Wed 07th Dec 2005 | Technology
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I am getting a laptop shortly and want to set up a wireless network between my desktop and laptop. I know all the stuff I need to make it wireless, its the network bit I'm not sure of. Sorry if I'm a bit thick and these are easy to answer...

On my desk top I have Microsoft Office and Norton Antivirus installed (amongst other things). I would definately need virus protection on my laptop and would also want to use Word/Excel etc. Would I need to install these programs again on my laptop or would it 'see' through the network that they were on the desktop?

If I needed to install again on laptop, could I just use the same discs/registratation no. etc - Microsoft Office cost me a fortune and I don't want to have to fork out for it again!


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no it can't see your stuff. most people get a router, so that they can access the internet when either machine is switched off.

you could just use the same CDs to re-install, but technically you'd have to get new licences from microsoft. ah, the wonders of proprietory software.
Actually, technically you could use the same license, officially you can't.

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