My Ipad Is Hot (No Rude Comments Please!).

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hellywelly4 | 11:27 Sat 12th Jun 2021 | Technology
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I have an iPad which is about 3/4 years old. I’ve recently noticed that it feels quite hot. Is this ok or is there something wrong with it?


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Probably battery or power supply.
I've just had a similar problem on a iPad of the same age. Eventually went into constant restarting. What is the battery status? Go Settings/Battery/Battery health
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Milvus - thank you for your help. However, when I go to Battery, there isn't an option for Battery Health.
I bought my ipad in October 2018, so it might be better that I get a new one. I've never been happy with it really, as I can't do a lot of things on it. Will have a think.
What can't you do on your iPad?
Are you on the latest version of the operating system?
Go to Settings, General, Software update. It will tell you whether updates are available.
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My ipad is updated automatically. I've ordered a new one - I don't hang about!!! Thank you for your help.
I’m curious as to what you can’t do on your iPad and also why you’ve bought another if it won’t do what you want.

My iPad Pro is 4 years old and occasionally gets hot but it always has done. Hope to get another few years out of it.
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Barry, thank you for your interest but I haven’t been happy about my iPad for a while and was thinking of getting a new one soon. I have difficulty following instructions given to me on line so I’ve cut my losses. I’ve got a good trade in price.

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My Ipad Is Hot (No Rude Comments Please!).

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