What Difference Does Ssd Make

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sg | 19:39 Tue 08th Jun 2021 | Technology
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I have an offer for a Dell E5470 with 512GB SSD and also one with 128GB SSD which is a lot cheaper but all other specs seem the same. What is the advantage of the greater SSD?


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More storage space for photos etc.
128GB is very small for a PC these days. You could get away with it and buy yourself a separate SSD drive if you wanted to store photos, etc. You could buy that drive later, as you start to run out of space. Or you might choose to use more cloud storage, e.g. OneDrive or Google Drive, which means that you would get away with a smaller SSD.

I'd go for the bigger SSD if you can afford it ...
If you're going to be storing lots of big files on your drive (such as full-length feature film videos), go for the bigger drive. If you'll only ever be storing things like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc, go for the smaller one. (If you're a very keen photographer, taking many thousands of photos, and determined to use only your SSD for storage, you could also consider the larger drive but it would be just as easy to use memory sticks to store your photos on. That would enable you to opt for the smaller one. As an alternative to memory sticks, you could use cloud storage).

I'm typing this on a laptop with a 128 GB SSD and, for what I use it for, that's more than big enough for my needs. I'm also currently sourcing a new desktop computer for a friend, who'll only use it for word-processing, etc. So I'm not looking for anything more than a 128 GB SSD for him either.
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Thank you all
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If you were storing thousands of photos, you could use something like Google Photos to store them elsewhere rather than on your computer (known as cloud storage). That way you don't need much storage capability on your computer, and you don't lose them if your computer fails.

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What Difference Does Ssd Make

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