Tv Programmes Freezing

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fruitsalad | 16:44 Tue 01st Jun 2021 | Technology
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I have a Panasonic smart TV, which on some channels i.e. Blaze, CBS, keeps freezing and flickering, lots of the channels are fine, any ideas what could be causing it, just to do it on a few of the channels.


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Sounds like a weak/poor quality signal on one of the multiplexes. Is there an option under Settings to view the signal strength details?
It looks as if, on Panasonic TVs, the Signal Condition is shown by going to something like MENU > Setup > Tuning Menu > Signal Condition.
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It's a classic symptom of insufficient signal strength.

Freeview signals are transmitted in 'multiplexes' (= 'bundles of channels'), with each multiplex using a different frequency. In a perfect world you would have lots of aerials on your roof, with a different aerial for each multiplex. (That's because the lengths of the element in a TV aerial aren't random. They have to match the incoming frequency, so that they can 'resonate' with it). That's clearly impractical, so we all use single aerials that are only a rough match to the incoming frequencies and consequently better at 'pulling in' some multiplexes than others.

Your aerial clearly isn't particularly good at resonating with the 'COM4' multiplex, that bundles together the channels that you're having problems with. When reception conditions are good, it's able to do its job well enough but when conditions are poor (such as during the current high weather pressure, which affects TV reception), it's not up to the job.

Theoretically you should get a better aerial but, as it's clear that your existing one is almost good enough for the job, a bit of extra help for it, in the form of a signal booster, should solve your problem.

So you need one of these
and one of these

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Tv Programmes Freezing

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