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tamaris | 02:18 Mon 31st May 2021 | Technology
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I have a loyalty card with a well-known restaurant chain. Every time I want to view my account online I have to change to a new password.
I have asked their department to help on several occasions but they don't seem too understand. They just send me a new password which I can then change again. I don't know why this is happening. Any ideas ?


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Which web browser are you using and does it save your passwords for other online accounts (such as your Answerbank one)?
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I can save all my passwords no problem.
Which web browser though?
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Not sure I'm on my tablet. I press silk browser.
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Chrome I think
If you press the Silk icon you are using the Silk browser - Amazon's own browser for its Fire tablets
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I've cleared all history
Has it improved things? If not, reboot.
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Hi Barry I've done all of that but no better. I've also lost other stuff I had on. Oh well I give up.
Go into 'Saved Passwords' on Silk. If there's a password stored for Beefeater, try to find a way to delete all reference to it. (I strongly suspect that Silk has got some incorrect password data stored within it, resulting in an incorrect password being submitted whenever you try to log into the Beefeater website. If you want to check out my theory, use a different device to log into your account).

These links might help:

Alternatively, install Firefox Mobile onto your tablet. (It's a bit fiddly but it can be done: ). Then use Firefox, instead of Silk, to log into Beefeater.
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Hey Chris. You'll never guess I just found the passwords stored. It gave 3 that weren't saved. The one I'm having trouble with was there. I did delete and started again to add password it asked me to save it. I did. So far so good.
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No it's no good. I thought it was going to work.

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