Does Anyone Know How To Covert Water Into Electrical Energy ?

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bluesplayer8998 | 00:05 Mon 17th May 2021 | Technology
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maybe a sort of like water powered turbine , which when a flow of water is going through it, it will turn a generator and then that will create the volts i need to power me other items....
and the whole thing has to fit inside a case the size of a tap box , anyone know how to sort this out ? its driving me daft:(


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Er, is this a wind-up question?

Unless one gets into the realms of nuclear physics, you can't convert mass into energy. The only way to use water to generate electricity is to use energy that's already been given to the water. That means using kinetic energy from moving water (as in a the way that a watermill works), which might possibly have been derived from the potential energy of having a body of water raised above the point at which energy is needed (as in a hydro-electric dam).

Alternatively, you can apply thermal energy to the water to heat it up, creating steam (as in a steam engine or steam turbine).

If you can find a way of using non-moving and non-heated water to generate electricity, you'll
(a) make a fortune ; and
(b) displace Einstein as the most famous name in the world of physics.
The sort of size you're talking about would only generate a very small amount of power.
Watt is this?
why don't you have a go at Nuclear Fusion?
Pick any hydro electricity plant and scale it down until it fits n your box. That should do it. Make sure the box is waterproof.
And lockable, Tilly, we don't want any kids getting hurt investigating this wondrous machinery.

One question though, how will the salmon ladder work?
Oh, forgot about the salmon!
Parr for the course, unfortunately.
> Does Anyone Know How To Convert Water Into Electrical Energy?



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Does Anyone Know How To Covert Water Into Electrical Energy ?

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