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wolf63 | 18:35 Sat 15th May 2021 | Technology
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I need to scan a pile of timetables and leaflets (like this ), alas I can't convince the printer to scan the whole document - it chops it up into two or three pieces, I sort of realise why it is doing this but how do I stop it?

The scanner is normally used to scan postcards and there very seldom any problems.

I know that I am either doing something extra stupid or have not set the printer up properly. Canon MG5750

Any help is appreciated


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Open the scanner utility. (Start > Canon Utilities > IJ Scan Utility).

Select ScanGear.

Click Preview.

Use your mouse to draw a rectangle around the area to be scanned by holding the left button down as you drag around the shape.

Set the Source to 'Document (Color)' and the Destination to 'Image Display. (Leave the Output Size as 'Flexible').

Click 'Scan'.
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Thank you. I was actually in the scangear bit but I was lost after that.

I'll try it later, I am tired and if I try to do anything I will make a total mess.

say 'Meow' to the kids.
if its chopping the docs into pieces , are you sure you are not using the shredder attachment?, this is easy done even by the best of us...
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