Emails Going To Spam Folders

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jackthehat | 10:13 Fri 14th May 2021 | Technology
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I am having problems with my outgoing e-mails.
Recently, a large number of e-mails I send from my business e-mail address are ending up in the recipients Spam folders. This can cause me to lose business or create large holes in time-frames because the information I am sending lies dormant rather than being addressed/actioned.

I can't contact many of the recipients of these e-mails any other way than by e-mail..... :o(

Is there anything I can do at my end to ensure that my e-mails are not flagged as Spam when they get to the Client?


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here you go, I suspect you may be able to improve your subject line:
11:12 Fri 14th May 2021
i think the client will have to do it i'm afraid.
why dont you set up another email address and use that to email everyone to ask them to un-spam you? or when you take on new clients, ask them then
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hmmmm......something to consider there. Thanks, bednobs.
I have had this business domain name and e-mail address over 20 years but in the last 3/4 weeks when I have chased up the emails I have sent, or explained to clients who may have 'phoned me, without exception these messages are in their Spam Folder.
I don't know why this should suddenly be happening...... :o(
here you go, I suspect you may be able to improve your subject line:
This happened to my daughter when she sent out a "bulk mailing" She now sends them to less people at one time and this seems to work
also jack they learn the IP address and subject content, you need to rotate everything. get a TOR for a start.
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Thanks, TTT. I'll take the appropriate advice from that article.

I am registered with a couple of websites where people can ask for architects, etc. to make contact for a variety of projects. I have to purchase the leads and the first way of making contact is by's very frustrating to follow up this introduction only to find that it has sat in a spam folder and that my prospective client has engaged someone who managed to get through....
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What is a TOR?
it's open source software for directing web traffic in such a way that the source is un tracible. It means that the sending IP address as perceived from the receiver is not static. Google: TOR
An IP address can sometimes get associated with spam because a previous user of that address has been prolific spammer, resulting in spam filters screening out all email from that address indefinitely.

So try changing your IP address. In most cases that involves nothing more complicated than removing the power to your router, waiting a minute or two and then powering it back up again.

To see what your current IP address is, click here
Then repeat after power-cycling your router, to confirm that it's changed.

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Emails Going To Spam Folders

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