Edge & Bing - Search Results Hijacked

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Tuvok | 17:57 Tue 11th May 2021 | Technology
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Friends W10 compter, using Edge and searching for Google Maps via Bing, prouces the expected results.

However, if you then click on the result for Google Maps its redirected to Glow - which is something to do with school work (grandchilds).

Don't know if this happens with any other Bing search result. Doesn't happen if same steps carried out in Private mode.

Doesn't happen if you direct to Goole and then select Maps from the boxes top right of screen!

Doesn't happen in Firefox!

Have run a Malwarebytes scan - nothing found!

Any ideas!


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Totally weird!

I've just opened Edge (for the first time in ages) and searched for 'google maps', using the default search engine (i.e. Bing). I get the expected link and the expected result when I click on it, without any redirect.

Given that you've already run a malware scan (which would normally have been my first suggestion), all I can think of is to try restoring Edge to its 'out of the box' state
and/or configuring Edge to use a different search engine, such as Google:

Oh, hang on a moment though . . . after typing out the foregoing text, I've re-read your post and paid greater heed to the bit about your grandchild's schoolwork. It seems that Edge isn't redirecting to a purely random site but to one that it already knows about in some way. So the first step then (ahead of what I've suggested above) might be trying to force Edge to 'forget' about the Glow website by clearing its cache:
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I managed previously to get rid of their grandchilds login details, and grandchild hasn't been back since!

Next time I'm there I'll look at changing Bing to Google......

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Edge & Bing - Search Results Hijacked

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