Whatsapp On Ipad?

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smurfchops | 18:41 Fri 07th May 2021 | Technology
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I have Version 14.4.2. Can I get WhatsApp on my iPad mini?


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I believe WhatsApp only works when linked with a mobile phone number, so no.
Maybe if your iPad has cellular but not sure
As Hoppy says, the iOS version of the iPad app is only for iPhones, not iPads:

However there is an app that allow you to use your iPad to connect to your phone (with WhatsApp on it), to provide a way of using some Whatapp functions from your iPad, rather than from your phone:
I have WhatsApp on my iPad I get alerted by my phone but can answer back on iPad. Or just send messages from iPad.
Which app are you using, Giggsie?

The main iOS app (from my first link above, which says that it's only for the iPhone) or the one from my second link - or, indeed, a completely different app? It would clearly help Smurfchops to know.
I have got an app the same as giggsie. What it does is links the ipad to an iphone so it looks like whatsapp works on the ipad but its actually receiving stuff from the iphone. If the iphone is off, rundown or out of data then the app doesn't work. Similarly I can relay phone calls from my iphone to ipad but the ipad can't do phonecalls unless its linked to the iphone.
WhatsPad chat app that I have but works just as Woofgang says

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Whatsapp On Ipad?

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