Whatsapp On Laptop?

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diddlydo | 09:28 Thu 06th May 2021 | Technology
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Simple question - is it possible to install Whatsapp on my ancient laptop (Windows 7) so that I can type on a proper keyboard rather than the miniscule thing on my phone?


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it gives a decent explanation of how it works, not sure about the laptop running windows 7, likely Chris will know.
yes just download from here and follow the instructions, it will want to pair with your phone installation of whatsapp via QR code:
The official answer is 'No', as Whatsapp only runs on Windows 8 or higher.

However this site suggests that it will actually run on Windows 7 anyway:

When you click through to the download page, you'll see that there are different downloads for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows. Make sure that you choose the correct one. (If you're not sure which version you've got, see here: ).

Then it will just be a case of 'suck it and see'. Good luck!
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Thank you all. I'll wait until I've recovered from the stress of sorting out my first-ever smart phone (donated to me by a friend) before trying anything else complicated!
Just to point out that, as I understand it, it doesn't actually "work" on your laptop or tablet, it pairs with the phone. If the phone is lost or runs out of juice then the app won't work.
woofy's post reminds me that I tried on my W7 laptop to link to my wife's phone for exactly the reasons that diddly wants it. It worked a treat and was easy to set up but we've never used it since as my wife is quite happy using her phone directly.
It might be easier to simply pair a bluetooth keyboard with your smartphone :)

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Whatsapp On Laptop?

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