Microsd Card In Security Camera

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~Wingnut~ | 06:24 Mon 26th Apr 2021 | Technology
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We bought a security camera on Saturday (£19.99 job from Argos) and have just ordered a microSD card to record what it captures.
I keep reading about formatting the card and am a bit confused as to whether I really need to do this or not? Can I not just plug and play (record) so to speak?

Any help and advice would be great fully received.


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Put the card in the camera. If it needs formatted it will tell you.
Have you read the manual? Does it tell you format the card before you use it?
All dashcams carry on recording over old footage when it is full, which is fine. Most dashcams 'preserve' incidents so they cannot be recorded over. These incidents range from full on crashes to a jolt in a pothole or over a speedbump - or even braking too hard. These incidents can take up a lot of space over time so when you are sure you don't need any of the incidence recordings you should format the card again.
My dashcam tells me to do it and it is just a matter of pressing a little button and letting it get on with it.
My old dashcam didn't have that facility and I had to physically remove the card and format it on my pc.

If your card needs formatting before use the manual will tell you what format it needs to be and hopefully how to do it - it takes seconds
barry1010, do you know if your advice also applies to security cameras which was what the OP was asking about?
I'm thinking of getting a security camera myself.
Silly me, don't know why I read that as a dashcam, apologies. I have an old security camera that uses an SD card and it just records when there is motion, overwriting previous recordings when it is full. There is no 'incident protection' for want of a better phrase, but all cameras are different.
I did have to format the memory card in the pc before use.

If you are thinking of buying a security camera I would strongly advise buying one that connects to WiFi. My cameras notify me on my pc and phone when there is motion, saves the recordings to the cloud so even if the camera is stolen (it happens) or vandalised I still have the evidence.

I use the old one with SD card as a wildlife cam - it records the badgers, foxes and other animals in my garden. It is perfectly good enough for that.
Thanks barry1010. It hadn't occurred to me about the benefits of a WiFi camera. I'll certainly bear that in mind.
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Thank you! I’ll pop it in when it arrives from Amazon tomorrow and see what happens! I could be back for more advice!

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Microsd Card In Security Camera

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