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HFJL2020 | 16:45 Sat 24th Apr 2021 | Technology
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on my nokia 6500 phone it says no network coverage what does it mean


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Cant get a signal. What happens if you go outside and try it a few times asyou walk along? Maybe its set for wrong network.
There might be engineering work going on or a faulty transmitter in the area.

If you go to your network's website, you should be able to check if there's work going on or any reported faults in your area.
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ta for info
The most common reason for people seeing that message is that they've got no credit left on their phone.

The failure of a local transmitter can also result in the message being displayed.

Sometimes though it's worth trying the old fix of 'turn it off and then turn it on again', as that often fixes any problem which might be with the phone itself.
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Can you name a phone that's not made in China, DTCwordfan?
All iPhone 11 series.
Panasonic ..
This list can go on and on.. there are loads not made in China.
Japan, Korea, Malaysia are the other main countries where phones are produced.
The Nokia 6500 was made in Hungary, in case anyone is interested :)

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