Transferring Photos From A Doro 6520 To A Laptop

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711 | 21:02 Wed 21st Apr 2021 | Technology
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I`ve tried every way I know to do this but it just won`t work. Using a USB lead, it flashes up - "no USB". I`ve tried transferring to a micro SD card within the camera ,, sequence as follows:-Menu>Camera>Picture Gallery>No Files. It seems that the process is a very basic function - transferring files from one medium to another. So why can`t this be done here? Unless I`m doing something wrong, which wouldn`t surprise me!


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have you tried getting a sdcard usb adapter and putting the sd card into adapter then laptop
You can always email them to yourself.
You might need to use a different USB cable as it shouldn't say 'no usb'. An alternative as you want to transfer to a laptop might be to 'pair' the phone bluetooth connection with the laptop bluetooth. This can sometimes be a bit tricky but has the advantage of needing neither a cable nor an Internet connection. (You might need the help of someone with some technical knowledge.)

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Transferring Photos From A Doro 6520 To A Laptop

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