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KARL | 17:37 Mon 19th Apr 2021 | Technology
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I am having difficulties installing an HP MFP M130a printer in Ubuntu. I know the printer works, used it only a couple of days ago but was forced to reinstall Ubuntu so lost the driver, etc.

I have downloaded HPLIP and the printer shows as present and connected. Oddly, the list of HP drivers available (on the HP list when auto-detecting) does not include this model but instead a totally different model is "recommended" (527). I have tried that and when trying to print a test page the light on the printer blinks suggesting the printer is about to print. It doesn't and no print job is listed in the queue. When I select the highest number of similar models (128) or another close to that, install and try to print a test page, the printer light does not blink but a job is listed in the print queue as "stopped".

Chris previously helped me out with much the same problem here
But now I again get "Page not found" on his second link and, additionally, even having installed HPLIP following his first link I cannot get a driver option for my particular model - and each time I did first delete the earlier attempt(s) at installing the printer.

Any suggestions anyone ?


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^^^ Your link, Togo, only redirects to the external site that Karl already knows about. (Like many other manufacturers, HP seems to be in league with Microsoft and only provides Windows drivers on its own website, forcing Linux users to hunt elsewhere).

I think that your best chance of getting help with your problem is to post on a specialised Ubuntu forum, Karl:
Is there a list of hardware equipment or devices that are "recommended" by the linux os providers?
I did find a list of devices supported by Linux but could not find the M130a in the HP printer model list as one. You may have better luck/eyesight Karl or find a driver from a close relative model that does the job.

Hidden away in there I found the printer options. But my security set up does not like it. Use the link at your own risk. (I think it looks OK)

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