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Sqad | 09:43 Sun 18th Apr 2021 | Technology
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I am having a replacement skyq minibox because of a malfunction.
The replacement should arrive today and my question is, will the original remote control work with the new mini box?


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It’ll probably come with a new remote I’d imagine Sqad
don't know but i'd be surprised if they didn't send a new remote as well . . .

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bobbi, thanks my love,it almost certainly will, but my question was, would the old one work, in simpler terms,are miniboxes,remote specific?
sorry Sqad to digress from your post but since this is about SkyQ.

You know when you have a station on at left side corner (square) and you are flicking through things, and you want that station to be the one - how can you get to it - what button do you play. Thanks
Question Author
OK Thanks folks.
Sky remotes of old were never device specific, and I don't see why that should have changed.
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Jj I press the one to the left of the Home Button, the one with the incomplete square and an arrow inserted.
thanks sqad great

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