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brainiac | 09:01 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Technology
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Morning all

Could someone please tell me an easy way to take a screenshot - my laptop has neither a Print Screen button nor a Snipping Tool. I ordered some jeans last night, but when I got the confirmation email it stated the wrong length. I want to show them what I ordered, but they (Uniqlo) only have a 'chatbot' to contact!


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are you sure there isn't a PrtSc button on the top row?
If you are using a Windows PC there will be a snipping tool but if yours is missing you can download it here
I thought all keyboards have a PrtSc button on the top right?
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No, def no PrtSc button - am chatbotting right now, so hopefully they'll sort it....
Lots of keyboards don't have the print screen key but the virtual keyboard you bring up on your screen will :)
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Thanks for your replies. The bot tells me it's all sorted, so the screenshot will have to wait for another day. I wonder why my laptop (Compaq Presario) doesn't have a Prt Sc button - too old probably!
I always have trouble taking a screen shot on my phone and tablet. I end up in shut down mode!
The PrtScr key is nothing new - I can't remember not having it on a keyboard. It was the only way to take screenshots back in the day.

Best get it sorted now before you need to use it :) I'd recommend the Windows one. Try searching for 'snipping tool' in the search bar bottom left of your screen
I've just looked at a Presario keyboard - the PrtScr key is directly above the number lock, 2 keys above the 7
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D'oh! Sorry, all I could see was 'home', but it has prt sc written below it. Well, have learned something today; now I need more coffee
If you're using Windows 10, the Snipping Tool should be available from Start > Programs > Windows Accessories > Snipping Tool. As I use the Snipping Tool several times per day though, I've made it easier to access through finding it as I've just indicated and the right-clicking to select More > Pin to Taskbar.

I'm perfectly happy with the Snipping Tool (which was first introduced with Windows 7) but Microsoft's preferred alternative these days is actually Snip & Sketch (which is directly available from your programs list when you click the Start button).

I can't see how you could have both the Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch missing from Windows 10!
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Just seen your reply, Chris. I'm on ancient Vista, which is sans Snipping Tool it seems. I'm the tool for not seeing 'prt sc'!

The chatbot assured me that they're sending the correct leg length, but I have my doubts.....
Thanks for your reply, Brainiac.

You must have the 'Home Basic' version of Vista because the Snipping Tool was actually piloted in all other versions of Vista before becoming standard in Windows 7.
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Hi Chris
Yes, Home Basic, which I have to say is all I really need, and I'm so used to my laptop now. Correct jeans (excellent) have just this moment arrived!

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