Faulty Radio - Repair Or Buy New One?

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KittyGlitter | 13:46 Wed 07th Apr 2021 | Technology
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I have a Roberts RD70 Radio and it's 6 months out of warranty. The power button doesn't work. It will cost £56.50 for a repair. I'm not sure if it's more economical just to buy a new radio? A new one is £179 but I'm happy to go with a cheaper radio.


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Have you tried contacting Roberts and telling them how disappointed you are? You haven't said how long the guarantee is but nowadays goods are expected to last a reasonable length of time, regardless of what the guarantee says.
It depends how attached you are to the radio you have, as to whether or not you think the money is best spent in keeping it, or putting the money towards the cost of a new one.

Increasingly, most consumables are built with the notion of replacement withint a few years, rather than repair, but it's reallly a matter of choice for the individual.
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The warranty was for 2 years and I totally agree that I would hoped the radio had lasted longer. The same model had gone wrong in different ways twice previously but was in warranty so I had it replaced. The repair has a six month warranty but you can guarantee it will break in the seventh month!
I would definitely write to Roberts expressing you disappointment at multiple failures. They are a long running company (prob made in China now but hey) and should respond with some sort of offer.

I would save the 120 + quid & get it repaired with then a further guarantee
Roberts products are usually of a reasonable standard but I think that they're largely trading on their reputation from years ago. In my opinion, there are other firms these days which can produce radios of the same, or higher, quality at far cheaper prices.

Cambridge-based Majority is one such manufacturer. All of their products are made to a very high standard. Further, Velocity Electronics operates as their 'outlet store', meaning that you can buy (nominally) refurbished Majority products at substantially discounted prices. [I had to add 'nominally' there because the stuff I've bought from them always looks absolutely band new anyway].

I bought one of these for myself last year
It's an 'all singing, all dancing' device, that can receive internet radio stations from all over the world, together with DAB and FM services. It also plays CDs and can accept music streams from other devices via Bluetooth. It's got fantastic sound quality, with a decent power output, and can also be used as a clock radio I was so impressed with it that I bought another one as a 16th birthday present for my grandson, who also seems to be greatly impressed.

However if you're simply looking to replace your RD70 with another DAB/FM radio, then this is what I'd go for, from the same manufacturer's online outlet store. It's an absolute bargain, which is at least as good as the RD70 and not much more than a third of the price you've been quoted for a repair:
Roberts Radio used to be a well-respected name but economic pressures drove manufacture overseas. My last three Roberts radios have all had faults - the ON/OFF button won't always operate on my present one, so I'd not buy another.
could you not hot wire it,to bypass the on/off button
I bought a Roberts radio when I was going abroad to work so I could get short wave. That was in 2002 and it's still going strong. I would contact Roberts - nothing ventured etc.
Thinking about it I had a Roberts radio yonks ago & the on/off button failed. I'd had it a few years & it was battery only (expensive) so I ditched it and got something else with mains lead.
Add the cost of repair to the price you paid, for the total cost to keep it....then shop around to see if there is any other brand/model you like or below that total cost.
On your recommendation, Buenchico, I bought the Girton. £20, excellent service; seems to be brand new.
With 450 sold I struggle to believe they are all refurbished returns. Probably just selling off excess (new) stock.

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Faulty Radio - Repair Or Buy New One?

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