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winstonmin | 10:57 Tue 06th Apr 2021 | Technology
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I have an HP Pavillion laptop. When I started transferring files I was alerted that the One Drive was full. I gather this has nothing to do with the laptop's storage capacity. So what is the point of a small storage One Drive?


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if you want more storage on the free one drive you have to start paying for it :-(
Question Author
Yes, I learned that. But why have a small-storage one drive when everything can go on the main drive?
It sound like you have your main drive set to back up to the cloud.
Turn off the back up if you do not want it.
If it’s MS OneDrive then that’s a cloud storage facility.
As previously observed, you don’t get much for the free version
Why store your private data off of your own equipment anyway ?
Move it all off there and onto your own disks. Make sure you back up anything important.
If your laptop fails and you have backed up important information to One drive it has not been lost and you can retrieve it.
Well I have files set to automatically back up to an external drive but also have cloud backup (not OneDrive), which I consider well worth it
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Thanks for the information. So I have a small storage on the cloud and have to pay for more. I back up regularly and all important stuff I have on memory sticks.
These days it’s almost harder not to have backups :-)
And you should no longer need manual back ups. External disks are cheap. But if your house burns down for example and you aren’t storing anything illegal :-) then cloud backup is definitely worth considering
You need to consider it and act on it BEFORE your house burns down of course ...
OG, it is sometimes very useful to be able to access files when you are away from home. Very easy to do when they are stored in the cloud.

All forms of home storage can fail over time, often without warning - hard drives, DVDs, usb sticks - none will last for ever. It makes sense to back up important files to the cloud.
IMO never makes sense storing private stuff on hackable internet servers.

(One can get programmes to allow you to access to your home PC from some other remote device if that's needed.)
How is that any different in "hackability"?
If you leave your PC switched on while you are out, OG. Allow it to accessed remotely and it can be hacked
barry 1010 think you miss read OG, like him i back up all mine on external hard drive, i dont need to access anything on my mobile from a cloud system
I didn't misread OG - he said:
One can get programmes to allow you to access to your home PC from some other remote device if that's needed

He is referring to remote desktop software such as TeamViewer which allows one to access their home pc from anywhere in the world, or give others access to it.
OG remote log in programmes are much more vulnerable to hacking than cloud storage. Onedrive also encrypts each file.
barry1010 im referring to the first part of OG, text. (not the bracketed one) "IMO never makes sense storing private stuff on hackable internet servers."

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What Is A One Drive?Lapt

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