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DTCwordfan | 10:46 Wed 31st Mar 2021 | Technology
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Does anybody have any experience with handling GMX over a blocked log in

Yesterday afternoon between 3 and 4 I found my account blocked. Their blurb saying
' our system has detected irregular activity related to your account. As a precautionary measure, we have blocked your account.'

Only this morning, have they responded with 't was determined that the account in question will remain blocked. Please note that this is a decision made by our abuse department and we do not have further information we can provide to you.'

I've sent them an e-mail 'Sorry - but I haven't used the account for anything abusive at all.......I'm not sure what this is all about. I haven't sent out anything that involves spam or anything like that such as vitriol or whatever. This account is my main communications account as to work and to my family and immediate friends and that's all. All I can put it down to is one e-mail (unsolicited) that I received yesterday overnight..

Please contact your folk again as to my reinstatement. The only thing I can apologise for is the inconvenience of this to all as once again I stress that I have no knowledge of anything that infringes your rules etc.

The question is, in your experience, is there anything else that I can do....other than badger them.....



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get back to them, and badger them if necessary
The only time that I've had to contact GMX admin I found them to be extremely helpful, with replies from real people rather than from automated systems. So you might get some joy out of them.

Google finds a link to a Facebook post which looks like it might possibly be relevant but, annoyingly, you have to be logged into Facebook to read it. (I can't because, in a strangely similar situation to yours, I got blocked from Facebook due to 'suspicious activity', even though it was a brand new account and I'd never posted a single thing on it!). So I don't know whether it will help you or not:

strewth, if receiving unsolicited lascivious emails blocked my email account it would unusable . . .
Have you checked your sent items?

I have had my address hijacked and spam emails sent to everyone in my contacts before so is that what's happened to you?
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Thanks all - no I hadn't checked my sent box, Corby, not yesterday afternoon. I'll mention this to them...... can't get hold of any one specific at the moment, Chris......

Thanks though

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E-Mail Blocked - What To Do

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