Laptop Fan Error

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davebro | 12:49 Thu 25th Mar 2021 | Technology
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Starting up the laptop this morning I got a message saying fan error, press F1 to continue.

I thought it might a problem with accumulated dust so I opened up the case. The fan looked pretty clean but I got the vac out and gave the fan & vents the once over. Restarted with no message but I can't hear the fan running.

Qu. is - if the fan isn't working could something burn out without it giving me another warning & other than listening is there any other way to check the fan?


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If the fan burns out the CPU will overheat the computer will slow and stop working it may or may not shut down before damage is done
Utilities such as SpeedFan are available if your laptop does not have the necessary fan speed tools
If the fan is running you should be able to hear it if you put your ear to the out vent. You would also be able to feel the fan running there or at least make a piece of tissue paper show that air is moving. No fan will make a laptop overheat pretty quickly and could cause real damage. When you used the vacuum did you somehow unplug the fan. Can you run the laptop with the fan exposed to see whether it is running? Replacing the fan module is not a massive job but if you cook the heatsink and paste that transfers heat to the fan veins then you are looking at plenty work.
Have a read through this Dave. It gives a few tips and shows how to turn up the fan speed, it even has a link supplied to the site that Bertrum referenced(Speedfan)
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Still cant tell if the fan is running but the temps seem stable at 45-48 deg C so I'm hoping it's OK. (the error message didn't appear again)
A laptop without the fan running is red hot in minutes Dave ... you would know pretty quickly. The compressed air spray is useful for clearing a fluffed up fan and its duct. It does what it says on the tin.

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Laptop Fan Error

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