Recovering Untitled Files In Libre Office?

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joko | 18:43 Wed 24th Mar 2021 | Technology
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My pc crashed (win 10) and i had a few Libre office files open that i had not yet named, as i was moving text into them

is there any way i can save these documents?

usually libre office can be closed and opened and it will recover any untitled documents immediately, no problem, so i wasnt in a rush to name them all

but my pc has never done this before, it just froze and when restarted Libre office was back to factory settings, and recent files list was empty

i recovered 3 from the temp folder - but there a few more untitled ones there, which i cant find
not sure why it chose these 3 to save and not the others, so wondering if they may be somewhere else for some reason? (smaller size etc)

the 'ghost' tmp files are in there, but i dont know how to open them, i looked it up and it said theyre not meant to be opened, theyre just there while the file is open andf they get deleted when its closed
is there a way to open TMP files?

any ideas?

thanks :)


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all the ways ive found so far, are all for recovering docs that have already been saved once at least and have been edited

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Recovering Untitled Files In Libre Office?

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