Acer Aspire 5 - Setting Battery Warning!

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moggie 939 | 17:58 Wed 24th Mar 2021 | Technology
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Hello again - one further question please.
Previously when I got to about 15% left in battery I got a warning which said 'Low Battery' on the screen - also I do still get an icon bottom rt screen which I can click on and it gives me the remaining time/percentage. However.....

When it nears about 20% the screen goes black and it cuts off and I have to plug in to mains. I have checked in Device Mgr and clicked the both battery items and checked drivers and it says they are correct and up to date.

When I go into Settings - system -battery there are various options to tick but I have tried them all. - but no warning!

Thanks again


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Thanks for prompt reply Bookbinder
I will look at the link tomorrow and try it out. What you are saying is that it is still showing say 15% but in fact that is incorrect and it has no power at all and shuts off.
I remember this haappening a while ago on another Acer laptop and I had to reset that.
Will come back to this forum once I have tried to sort it as per your link
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Have tried what the link advised but no different! It seems to go black screen at about 25% and then turns off!
If I then plug into mains it shows charging with 25% available.If I then unplug it it works for a while on battery and then does the same.
I have now gone into sounds notifications - battery and added a sound for low battery so will see what happens.
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May I ask everyone for further help as this did not work - I did as you said but still at exactly 26% left it shut off without warning and I had to recharge it but this time I did it differently!
I have been charging it until the blue light comes on and this says 100% charged but also says 3hrs 30mins. It only takes 90mins for this to happen which seems a short time.

This time, once it had charged 'fully' I left it on charge for another 2 hours and it then still said 100% charged now says 6 hours!

As I write this it shows 77% and 2hrs 30 left. So do you think that as I had set the low battery warning at 15% it just switched off because it showed 25% but the number was incorrect?

I do not mind buying a new battery (the laptop is 4 years old but not used for a year) but it is integral and to change it I would have to remove the back screws and at 80 yrs I do not know how easy this will be.

Any further advice please?


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Acer Aspire 5 - Setting Battery Warning!

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