Om Numbers On Internet Cables

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eve1974 | 12:53 Wed 24th Mar 2021 | Technology
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Any tech folk in here today

Where will I find the OM number on a internet cable -

Will it be short number?/. How many digits?

Anywhere in particular along the cable to look?

I see lots of numbers but none begin with "OM"


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What do you mean by 'internet cable'?

I think that most people (definitely including me ) would think of a conventional Ethernet cable when they hear that term. (Ethernet cables are the ones that connect between a router and a PC if you're not using a wireless connection).

Traditional ethernet cables are copper-wired and are classed into categories (indicated by 'Cat' numbers). Older, and largely redundant, cables might be marked ''Cat 3' or 'Cat 5'. More modern cables might be labelled 'Cat 5e' or 'Cat 6' or higher (although either 5e or 6 is perfectly good enough for almost all home users).

'OM' numbers are only used to label fibre optic cables, with OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 being available. I've never encountered a fibre optic ethernet cable being used between a home router and a PC (and search Amazon for 'Ethernet cable' only seems to find copper-wired cables), so I'm mystified as to why you should be looking for an 'OM' number anywhere at all!
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Hi Buenchico
It is indeed a fiberoptic cable and I was looking so that I cld take a photo to send to the IT guru. Im not IT minded myself but the guy that is wasn't on site today n needed a pic of this OM cable.

It is a HUGE, (mansion) private home that I work at (so there are 3 separate comms rooms).

I did eventually find the cable by the way
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PS it wasn't from the router to the PC but from the router leading to ....oh goodness knows where !!! I have no idea.

Like I said there are 3 separate comms rooms on 3 separate floors with so many cables.

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Om Numbers On Internet Cables

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