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malagabob | 09:16 Tue 02nd Mar 2021 | Technology
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I had to contact my broadband provider, eventually getting through to talk to someone as my saved card details had expired. Had to set up new card details.
Whilst talking I brought up a query about my speed. “I’ll have to put you through to our tech department”. More waiting on hold.
Anyway I explained I’d done a number of speed checks. Various times of day and it was averaging 20mbs. “ Hold while I check”
“It’s 30mbs to your router. Are you using wifi?” A bit of a confusing reply. As I’d been on my mobile for so long my battery went flat. So I ascertained that I was receiving 30mbs to my router. But as I was checking speeds to an IPad and it was showing a speed of 20, it was losing 10mbs transmitting through fresh air. Is this right.


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While wifi is convenient the drop off rate the further you are from the router is quite significant. The rate at the router sounds quite low, mine reads 88 so what level are you paying for.
The gulf between their claims and reality is vast and their (Sky) excuses pitiful.

What's a man to do though? We need to be connected now to find out what Taylor Swift thinks and how scared to be of covid.
Very possible it’s not just fresh air you are transmitting through it is also the other frequencies and obstructions within your house. Always check your speed over a hard wired connection
Yes, my pc is connected by ethernet and gets around 230Mbps. My wireless devices get much the same speed if they are close to the router but around 150Mbps upstairs.
This is why people use wifi boosters and plug in powerlines - to boost the wifi speed when they are not near to the router.

Many things cause wifi speed to drop such as thick walls and electricals such as microwaves. Totally normal.
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I think it was the basic 35/6 mbs I signed up for/advertised. I’m well out of the contract now. Still paying the same price. A switch is possible, but basic ones still offer around 35mbs.

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