Ipod Track Won't Play- Explicit Content?

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Gromit33 | 21:01 Mon 01st Mar 2021 | Technology
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Evening all,
I downloaded 'The Great Gatsby' soundtrack from iTunes so I could get the Beyonce 'Back to Black' track. However, it won't play on my iPod Nano. I believe it is because it is marked as 'explicit content'. I've checked my iTunes account and the section where it controls this stuff is not ticked as restricted. There is nothing on the my iPod that would control content- it's pretty old. I try to play the track in my account but it comes up- 'This computer is not authorised to play...'. I enter my account details to authorise- it messages 'This computer is already authorised'.
Banging my head against a brick wall here. I am 45 years old and don't have a problem listening to rude words and suggested drug use!! I just want to play the track.
Can anyone help me please??
Thank you.


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Ipod Track Won't Play- Explicit Content?

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