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Prudie | 13:48 Tue 23rd Feb 2021 | Technology
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The answer to this is probably simple but as I've not done it before I need advice. How do people upload actual photographs (ie old style printed from film) to websites? Anything I've ever scanned has always been sent as a pdf format but any time I've wanted to upload a picture it's needed to be in jpeg or similar. How do you get from one to the other?


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When you upload it to your pc you have the option to 'save as' - this is where you choose the format ie pdf, jpeg or something else.
i.e. photographs to Facebook? Without knowing how you're scanning the photos, Prudie, this is the only advice I can give.

Whatever you use to scan the photos (Separate scanner or one attached to a printer) should have the option to change the format to whatever is needed in the software provided. Check the menu - you might have set the PDF format by accident.
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Hmm, not sure about that barry. My only options to scan are on my work printer. All scanned documents are automatically emailed to me as a pdf. I can't open that and resave as a jpeg nor anything else can I? I've never looked.
Your scanner should have the option to select the type of file to save a scanned object as - eg, mine gives this list -
What is the make and model of your scanner? I haven't heard of one that emails the images
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Barry it's a big corporate work's Canon - it prints, copies and scans. All scans are sent to the user's email as pdf attachments and I doubt I can change any settings. I don't have a scanner at home. I've just been told one of the quickest solutions is to photo it on one's phone!!
If you're able to download the PDF, you could then use a free online converter such as -

I can't speak to how well it works as I've never used that site or any of the others - search for "convert pdf to jpg"
I scan onto my camera card, for some reason my HP printer and HP computer don't like each other so I can't scan straight to my hard drive. I then have no problem loading the pictures on to the computer for emails etcc
Depending on how the scan image is held in the pdf file this may work:
Open the pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader and ensure that the cursor is set to 'select tool'. Click on the image to select it, then 'copy' the selection (to the clipboard). Open [MS] Paint, paste the image, then 'save as' jpeg.
If the image isn't selectable then try the Acrobat Reader 'Take a Snapshot' (on the Edit menu) to copy a selected area of the document, and paste that into Paint.

Can u 'select' the photo off the pdf to copy & paste to Paint? Save as .jpg file & upload to above link.
If you open a pdf document with Adobe Acrobat reader you can save it as jpeg.
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So is this how everyone does it? I see loads of old pics uploaded on FB.
If you're not too fussy about the quality you could photograph the photograph with a phone or camera.The quality will probably be OK for Facebook and the like but I wouldn't use that method for photos I wanted to archive eg, old family photos.
I just scan a photo, without pdf attachment, & copy to Paint as jpg file, Actually I just photo pics to iphone & upload to my link above.
Prudie - no, a domestic scanner will usually have the option to scan directly to a digital image format (.bmp, .jpg, etc)
To summarise what's above:

If you'd got your own scanner, you could simply go into its setting and change the scanned format from pdf to jpg. However it looks like you can't do that with your office scanner, so you're stuck with pdf.

That means that you need to convert your scanned files from pdf to jpg. As Lie-in King indicates, there are numerous online sites that can do the job for you. They would all like you to sign up for a paid account, or to buy their software, but you don't need to; you can just use their free services.

The most well-known file conversion service is Zamzar, which has frequently been praised in the technical press:

I've also used this service and been pleased with the results:
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Thank you for all answers, I'm not ignoring them but have the week off. Will try the suggestions next week when back at work and have access to the scanner.
Hi Prudie, how did you get on with the suggestions?

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Uploading A Scanned Photograph

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