Door Video And Audio Intercom Problem

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needawin | 19:09 Mon 22nd Feb 2021 | Technology
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Bought a door video intercom.
As usual instructions are sketchy to say the least. No word how to even contact company. Bought it on eBay from a private seller. Not his fault as was unopened.
Works fine except for one problem!
When I press the door bell the melody plays inside the house ok and video works.
Problem is the melody also plays outside on the speaker at the same time! For all the street to hear.
Is this normal. Any ideas please!


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Having done quite a bit of house-to-house survey work, I've rung quite a lot of bells and I'd say that the type you describe isn't that uncommon, with the bell ringing externally so that the visitor knows that it's actually working.

Unless someone here happens to have the same models, and has worked out how to disable the feature, I doubt we'll be able to help you further unless you can provide the make and model and someone can find some meaningful instructions for it. Sorry!

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Door Video And Audio Intercom Problem

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