Mobile Phone Has No Service In House.

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flobadob | 17:52 Sat 20th Feb 2021 | Technology
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My mobile phone recently stopped picking up a signal in my house. However, if I put the sim card into another phone then I do get a signal. Likewise, if I put a different sim card into the phone, the other sim doesn't pick up a signal. So that leads me to the conclusion that it's an issue with the phone and not the sim card.

The thing is that when I go to work which is about 3 miles away, then my phone picks up a signal no problem and works fine. When I come back home, no signal.

This has only started to happen recently but I don't really want to get a new phone because it still picks up a signal in other areas.

Weird. Any suggestions as to what could be the cause of this?


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Well it happens sometimes the phone picks the IP address of specific place's and stops receiving network on those areas. Well to fix it try to reset your phone.
Have you checked what 'Network Selection' is set to? If it isn't set to 'Auto' the phone might be failing to connect to the best available network.
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Mobile Phone Has No Service In House.

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