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EEZABLADE32 | 16:06 Wed 17th Feb 2021 | Technology
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Doing a US based quiz which asks me to press one of two letters on keyboard. However, neither work. Any ideas appreciated.


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The letters on US, UK and 'international' keyboards are all the same. It's only some 'special characters', such as @ and #, that differ. So I can't understand where your problem comes from.

If your keyboard has a numeric keypad though (which most desktop keyboards do but most laptop keyboards don't) you could try entering the Alt codes for the letters. (e.g. to enter a capital Y, hold down the Alt key, type 89 on the numeric keypad and then release the Alt key. You might need to make sure that the Numbers Lock is turned on for that to work):

It's also worth remembering that the quiz responses might be case-sensitive. e.g. if you're asked to enter Y or N, to signify 'Yes' or 'No', using y and n might not work.
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Thx for that, next time I go on the quiz site I'll try that.

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Usa Keyboard Query

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