Any Reason To Buy A New Phone?

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allenlondon | 22:54 Sat 13th Feb 2021 | Technology
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We have Samsung Galaxy J3s, 3 or 4 years old.

Both Samsung and Amazon are nagging us to buy the New Samsung blahblahblah.

Is there any GOOD reason why we should ‘upgrade’, or is it just more money for the same?


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If your existing phones work well and have sufficient memory to run the apps you need stick with them
If you like the phone you have and there aren't apps that you can't have because your phone isn't new enough...if the battery still holds its charge then don't bother.
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Apps? Us?
Apart from the revelation of mobile internet access I've never had a reason to spend more than a few quid on a used model if I was upgrading.
The last two have been through younger family members upgrading theirs and me inheriting.

I feel no shame in being in full contact but a couple of steps behind the vanguard.
Other than general wear and tear, I can think of only two reasons to update a handset:

1) the area where you live now has good 5G coverage but your current handset doesn't support 5G

2) apps you need are no longer supported or have stopped working on your current phone.
If you don't use apps, then you don't need anything other than a basic phone.

If your current one does the job, stick with it.
I agree. If your phone does everything you want and need it to without frustrating hanging, lags, buffering or any other problems keep it and keep hold of your money
is it worth buying younger family members, douglas? Mine's getting a bit old.
2 year old Huawei. Now pay £17 a month. Does everything I want. Phones have reached their Nadir.
If your phone is doing what you want it to do there's no reason to buy a new one..
''is it worth buying younger family members'' .. you don't buy it .. you point out the fact that they are living in your house for next to nothing and suggest if they want to keep it that way .. the one year old phone they are about to get rid of, would suit you nicely !
Otherwise their rent may about due for a review !
I have an iphone5. My boss keeps offering to upgrade it but I'm not interested. I use it for calls and texts and that's it. I'll upgrade when the battery starts to die.

I tend to use FB to call my family.
that's the trouble, alavahalf, he's moved out already. That's why I need a new one, but as we're a bit past acquiring them the old-fashioned way, I wondered if they were avaialable on Ebay.

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Any Reason To Buy A New Phone?

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