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Cloverjo | 20:15 Tue 26th Jan 2021 | Technology
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My dad has a very basic phone with Giffgaff which he is happy with for calls and texts. He has just bought an iPhone - because he wants to use banking apps - and would like to transfer his credit and contacts info to it.
The Sim from the old phone is too big for the iPhone. Is it safe to chop the Sim to fit?


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Why bother .. back up his contacts to a Google a/c.
Then approach his network supplier for a new sim.
If he has gone to the point of buying an iPhone .. why try and damage the sim holder in the phone by bodging an old sim.
I had my SIM cut down to fit a phone. Costing £5 at one of those phone shops on the high street.
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He got a new Sim with the iPhone. He’s more worried about the money he’s already got on the old Sim.

It shouldn’t matter that much but he’s a Yorkshireman ;)
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Thanks, Sharon. Will look into that. Are those kind of shops open at the mo, though?
GiffGaff has for many years sent out '3-size' SIMs, where the user simply pops out the size that they need:

All modern iPhones use the smallest SIM size (i.e. a nano SIM). If your father's phone has got a standard or micro SIM in it, and it's of the '3-size' sort, you can simply pop out the smallest (nano) SIM from it. It should work in his iPhone with no problems.

If the SIM in your father's phone pre-dates the '3-size' sort though, he should order a replacement SIM from GiffGaff.
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Buenchico, will a new nano sized Sim carry all his contacts and credit?
Thank you.
Sorry Clover.. I missed the fact he hasn't got a contract. Being a Yorkshire man, is he aware that calls cost a lot more when you 'buy credit'. GiffGaff do contracts for a fiver a month.
Getting an iPhone to use with credit only, is like splashing out on a new car, then saying "I'm not using it because I have to buy petrol!
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That’s the trouble with my dad, alava.
If it's a 'pushed out' nano SIM (from the existing one), it should work in exactly the same way as the old one.

A new nano SIM, that's been specifically ordered to replace the old one, should have the same phone number and therefore the same amount of credit (which is stored on GiffGaff's servers, not on any phone or SIM). However the contacts won't be transferred across.

It's possible to copy the data to a PC and then transfer it to a new card. However that would involve purchasing an adapter so that the PC can read/write data to the cards. An independent mobile phone shop, or market stall, can also be the job but, again, that would cost money. Unless your father has got thousands of contacts, it would be simplest to write down the information from the old card and then manually enter it into the new one. (That's what I'd do anyway!)
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Thanks, Buenchico
When I changed to iPhone I just went to phone shop they changed the sim for me same number and credit

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