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Rosie29 | 22:18 Wed 20th Jan 2021 | Technology
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I can't seem to find out how to get subtitles on ITV hub.
The programme does have subtitles ( Finding Alice). I've Googled and it says there is an S in the top right hand corner when the programme starts. But there isn't. Ive tried the subtitle button on my handset but that doesn't work with ITV hub.
Any thoughts please.


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Try using a different browser if going in via a browser.
No Subtitles on ITV Hub or BBC I Player.
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I'm watching on smart TV so accessing hub via tv.
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But Google suggests subtitles are available. So I am surprised.
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Thanks anyway both.
iplayer is fine, Unsureme, I always switch on the subtitles. (On my desktop.)
I find with ITV hub that I can only select subtitles when the programme has started, not when any of the adverts are playing. I only access it on my laptop but I have to wait until the programme itself starts, move the cursor so the options (play etc...) appear at the bottom of my screen, then click on the subtitles.

I do remember there was one of the online catch ups that I used that you had to be really quick at the beginning of the programme to get the options for subtitles, or it disappeared. I can't remember which one it was though.
Must have just changed then,jno,tried many times.
To access ITV Hub subtitles on a smart TV, you need to be using a Samsung TV that's using the Tizen operating system (which started being introduced in their models in 2017) or a Tv with Freeview Play (also from 2017 onwards).

Other smart TVs with the ITV Hub app on them aren't compatible with subtitles from that service:
I only try on TV,BTW.
I have hearing issues and have never had an issue having subtitles on iPlayer. It seems to be set now that they come up automatically for me as I always use them.
I watched a few episodes on iPlayer at the weekend (The Serpent) and had subtitles on. I don't just mean for the bits in other languages, subtitles all the way through.
just tried it again, Unsureme, no problems. Click the little box at bottom right that has a square with a couple of lines in it.

Still my PC, though, I've no idea how it would be on a TV or phone.
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Thanks Eve but all Ive got on the bottom of the screen is the "time line " and Parental Controls. None of the options at the top of the screen including Settings help.
Thanks jno,will give it a try.
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And thanks B as well.
I stand corrected,jno.
I can’t get subtitles when I access through my Sky box. I can’t get any subtitles on any Catch Up /On Demand etc. Apparently Sky don’t provide them with these services. No problem with ordinary TV programs or things I record from the TV to my Sky box. No problem if I access things like BBC i player on my tablet or laptop. However, I don’t have a smart TV. How are you trying to access ITV hub?

Like Eve, I get subtitles. This is on my laptop.
Access Settings on LG tv then select Network. Select Accessibility. Scroll down to Subtitles and switch on. Should give subtitles on ITV Hub

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Subtitles On Itv Hub

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