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ferlew | 17:19 Thu 14th Jan 2021 | Technology
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I was given an Alexa echo by my son as part of my xmas present.
In general, I find it very useful and it's saving money on phone calls to my son and grandchildren.
However, there are times I have missed a call from them because if I'm watching tv, or in another room, I don't hear the tone it makes when someone "drops in".
My question is this: Is there a way of making it use a different sound to announce drop ins? Maybe something like the 'ring ring' of a telephone, or similar.
Fingers crossed someone may have an answer for me.


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there are several ways of communicating via Alexa 1)make an announcement - this is useful if you'vegot more than 1 alexa. I made an announcement this morning via my nearest alexa that it was time to get up, and she announced to my husband and daughter in their respective bedrooms my message. I'm not sure if you can do it to a device in someone elses house. It just...
13:26 Fri 15th Jan 2021
Ask her... I did x
do they call you or do they drop in?
Alexa does that? Or is it just the echo?

I keep forgetting I can ask Alexa things.
I asked Alexa how many days until Christmas and she made me laugh.
Question Author
They just 'drop in', and I do on them at times.

I have tried asking her, and she says she doesn't know.

Wouldn't be without it now though, it's so useful.
Do you have the app on your phone ferlew?
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Yes I do Maydup. Though I'm not very good at this kind of thing.
My OH pressed the Alexa button just as I walked in the bedroom and said 'I've just kicked the cat in the face'

Alexa said 'just looking for site for kicking your cat in the face'

I must add, I don't kick my cat, or any living thing, the cat jumped in front of me when I was walking, it was an accident, I felt so bad I gave all the ham :-)
Open the Alexa app and select the Settings menu. From there, select the Alexa device whose sound settings you want to change. Next, select the Sounds option for the device. The top-most option on that screen is “Alarm, Timer and Notification Volume”. Or scroll down for advanced options.
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Thank you Maydup, I'll give that a try.
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Thanks Maydup, I followed your guidelines, and managed to increase the volume on both devices, I see I also have it with my Firestick - which I didn't know.
There is no way to change the tone it seems, the only options are 'no sound' or 'default', Thanks again for the nice clear instructions, I'm one of that group who are always scared of 'pressing the wrong button'
I don't get why they wouldn't ring you. When you call someone rather than drop in it makes a ring ring noise. When you drop in there is just a little noise and a green ring. In addition just " dropping in" is in my opinion very peremptory and rude. You might be shouting and swearing for all they know or chatting on your mobile. It's like eavesdropping! At least if they ring you you can actually a hear them and b decide whether to andwer
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Bednobs, I didn't know that was how it works. so what do you say to it when it rings? and do you just say 'ring so-and-so for it to call the other party? Still on a learning curve here, and no-one to really ask.
I think its "call so and so" rather than ring. then it rings their end ad you can decide whether to answer or not. If you use drop in it just listens to their end, and yours with no input needed to accept or reject
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Ok, understood - so what do you say to accept the call?
just tried it by ringing my kitchen. I said "alexa, answer" and she did

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Thanks Bednobs, I'll let the family know.
I would never allow 'drop in' on my Alexa devices, as already said it is eavesdropping.
I wouldn't be comfortable having an Alexa, Knowing that Amazon are storing all the data. It's eerie.
I delete the recordings every day.

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