Unequal Volume Levels Between Tv Channels

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SteveD | 18:13 Tue 12th Jan 2021 | Technology
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I have Humax FoxSat HDR which provides a signal to the TV set. Until recently, it was connected to a Samsung UE55H6400AW TV. Everything was fine as far as the sound was concerned.

Now, for reasons which are not relevant to the current problem, I am temporarily using my daughter's Philips 65PUS6503/12 TV. The sound level is fine for most channels but when I change to Channel 4 (for example) the sound level immediately is much lower so it has to be turned up using the remote control. When I change back to BBC1 (for example), the sound is far too loud and has to be turned back down again. Apart from Channel 4, one or two other channels behave like this.

Any ideas where the problem might lie?


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Apart from the HDMI(?) connection to the Humax HDR, what else is the Philips TV connected to? (Terrestrial aerial?, satellite dish?) It seems as if, when you change channels, the TV is switching from one source to another
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A satellite dish is connected to the Humax which is connected to the TV by an HDMI cable. Nothing else except a DVD player connected to the TV by another HDMI cable. The DVD player is switched off when not in use.
Which device are you adjusting the sound level on? I have a similar setup but my TV does have a terrestrial aerial connected - the sound level on my Humax Freesat box is permanently left on max, which means that there is no significant change in loudness when switching from Freesat to TV Freeview. I adjust the listening sound level on the TV by means of its remote.
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I do the same: the sound level on the Humax is set high and I only use the remote of the TV to adjust the sound.
Don't think it has anything to do with your box. Neighbours and Home and Away on Channel 5 are always higher volume than other programmes.
I agree with Danny - different programmes, even on the same channel,have vastly different sound levels.
I just changed from BBC (loud) to C4+1(quiet). Annoying, but it's always been that way
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In my case, it was OK with the Samsung TV but isn't now with the Philips.
Ah, looking at the manual for your Samsung TV, it looks as if it has an 'Auto Volume' setting, which may account for why you don't see the sound volume changes on that TV:
"Auto Volume

When you change channels, video sources, or content, Auto Volume automatically adjusts the TV's volume level so that the volume level remains the same for all sources. For example, if you switch from a streaming video application to a Blu-ray player or a favourite TV channel, Auto Volume can modify the volume up to 12db to equalise the sound."
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I searched through the settings of the Philips TV and found an "AVA" setting (Automatic Volume Adjustment, I suppose) and selected it but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Maybe my problem is just a quirk of the Philips TV.

Thanks for the replies, though.

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Unequal Volume Levels Between Tv Channels

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