Anyone Else Been Ripped Off By ‘Just Answers?

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MattA777 | 05:01 Sun 10th Jan 2021 | Technology
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My wife contacted JA about a fault display on our coffee maker - was advised by “an expert” to contact the manufacturer and was charged £30 for that advice!!


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Tried that site just once, never paid, hence never had an answer from them.
My advice would be avoid them like Covid!!!

Rip off site
Exactly oz.
You should have contacted Answerbank and had free advice given to you. Furthermore there is always Citizens Advice who Do Not charge.

Why did she pay it?
Con site, do not touch with a bargepole. Ask on here matt, you'll get a more sincere effort at least.
It's pretty obvious that you need to pay for their advice *before* you receive it. I found that out pretty early on. I voted with my feet and would never use the website again.
I've looked at the site a few times and always gone elsewhere. I feel for your wife, Matta, getting ripped off leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.
I really don't know if it is worth her while contacting Customer Care

I would but then I can be like a dog with a bone. If she gets no satisfaction that way she could try getting her money back from the card she used to pay. She did not get any expert advice that would fix her problem.
I've never heard of this website, so I thought I'd have a quick look. The first thing I noticed was:

//// Join for only £50/month. /////

..... I've seen enough :)
Not the same one but I paid for medical advice from an online Q&A medical website where a 'doctor' provides a response after payment. This was several years ago. Answer wss vague and very unhelpful. Complete waste of money. I'm now very wary of and steer clear of any website that requires payment for answers.

I always ask on AB.
I can't see that anywhere on the site, Giz. I've been offered a £5 trial then £25 a month.
just search the net, eg you tube most of the time there'll be a video showing you how to do things. I've solved no end of problem with cars/bikes etc that a main dealer will try and charge you an arm and a leg.
//// I can't see that anywhere on the site, Giz. I've been offered a £5 trial then £25 a month. ////

It's on the main page:
"Join for only £50/month."

Aye right. (:>)))
Just had another look - now they are offering me a trial for £1 for 7 days, then £24 a month. They obviously don't think I'm as rich as you, Giz :D
Hmmm maybe I need to clear my cookies .... that website must think that my cookies are made of gold lol :)
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Thank you all for your input! Never again would we touch ‘just answers’
To add to the saga which as of yesterday is concluded; my wife contacted the retailer who contacted the manufacturer - Rangemaster. The device is a ‘bean to coffee machine’ which displayed a Fault 05. RM could not explain or resolve and provided a new replacement yesterday. The first one was less than two months old. We just thought there would be an easy ‘fix’ without the effort involved in switching weighty machines.
We were also compensated for installation costs by
Glad you're sorted but I would still chase for a refund from Just Answers. Your wife has clearly been ripped off
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Just a late update on this: Today my wife received a refund for a ‘non- answer’ from Just Answers. £30! Woo-Hoo!
Thanks for telling us your good news. Just Answers is a reasonably legitimate website but most such pay sites can't provide any more information than you can get for free here. Indeed, some of the people who provide answers for a fee on such sites are often the very same people who do it for free here! (Chuckfickens, for example, used to answer technology questions both here and on pay sites).

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Anyone Else Been Ripped Off By ‘Just Answers?

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