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tiggerblue10 | 23:38 Sat 09th Jan 2021 | Technology
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I'm trying to login to my gmail account but I can't get past this popup. I've clocked on one of the dials but 'next' won't enable me to click on it.

Any ideas?


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Not a new problem Tiggs has happened before - hopefully they'll sort it once more.
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Thanks Mamy, I've looked at the responses where has been a fix but this was last year. I'm trying to use the Ask The Community but that won't let me submit a question. My question won't load when I hit continue.
Sorry, am no help but they must be aware that the problem has recurred.
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The reason I'm trying to access that mailbox is because I've had an email from microsoft saying that there was unusual activity on my hotmail account. 2 logins from US and Belgium.

I want to change my password but I think you need another email account in order to verify the account when changing passwords.
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Found out the hard way last year when I tried to do the same thing and got locked out!
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That email from Microsoft. Make sure its genuine before you click on anything in it
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Thanks Salazarprice and Bobbin. The Microsoft email was genuine.

I'll have a go at switching the pop up thing off.

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Gmail Login Pop Up

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