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allenlondon | 13:35 Mon 04th Jan 2021 | Technology
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Why, given their outrageous price, are Apple portables the machine of choice for so many in the media and indeed elsewhere? Very often when some ordinary person pops up on screen, they’re using an Apple.

(Alright, so do I, but my excuse is that working for 20-odd yearsin the print industry, when I retired I just took it home with me).


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For graphic design, and visual presentations, they are the go-to choice, I am advised by colleagues in that field.
Because 'they just work' - none of the endless faffing around with Windows updates for a start - and they integrate seamlessly with phones and tablets in a way that Windows users can't even dream of.

It's a walled garden (and an expensive one at that), but worth every penny in improved safety and useability.

I resisted Apple for years, but now wouldn't touch Windows/Linux/Android with your pointy stick, let alone mine.
I think you have answered your own question. They are much more 'graphics oriented' than some other devices.
Apple build the software and the hardware so they get the best out of both. The result is a better overall product.

Apple have a good design aesthetic, their products look good. They look good on telly. They use quality materials that don’t look cheap and plasticy.
We have apple iPads, iPhones and laptop. Wouldn’t buy any other brand.
Thirty years ago they were associated with Graphic Design because they were the first to use a Graphical User Interface (rather than code), and that suited artists.
These days that has expanded and Apple are the tool of choice for creatives - makers of music, film, television, games, apps, online. In short, professionals.
People who just need a computer to do their office work have an inexpensive PC running MS Office.
Sunny dave, my Windows PC works seamlessly with my Android phone and tablet, even my Android tv.

I want to know why you can't buy iOS for any machine as you can with Windows.
Releasing iOS and MacOS for unrestricted use would mean that Apple would effectively have to surrender control of the interface code and so allow all/any apps to be installed - there goes the safe environment that is one of the key virtues of the Apple system.

I'd also like the option to buy a cheap-as-chips iPhone knock-off - but not at the cost of wrecking the very thing that I value.
One thing that I can do on my Android laptop and phone that I can't do with my iPad Pro - set up multiple profiles.

It is very frustrating not to have that facility on the iPad
The explanation I have most often been given is that a) they are fashionable (consistently mentioned like Hoover as a vacuum cleaner, Selloptape as adhesive tape - a generic term) and b) they are overpriced (kudos/snob value). The hardware is essentially the same as in any other comparable computer. The software is "exclusive".
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Ok. Again answering my own question, back in the 80s, the only usable hardware for page make-up was QuarkXpress (and in those days you could only run it on Macs). Similarly, Photoshop was slow and horrid, but only Macs could even start it.

So we used Macs.

These days many fifty-quid word-processing type programs do the same jobs as Quark (well, not quite as comprehensively, possibly not as well), so still Apple/Quark gets the job. At least Photoshop is now widely available as a Microsoft program.

I think it's largely inertia, the trade not changing to Microsoft products.

But why 'ordinary' people should use Macs (unless it is a fashion statement, i.e. "I can afford two grand-plus for a laptop and you can't so boo") I don't know.

Have just got home from work where there is an office with about 50 or more designers in it. They actually do some designing work for Apple, but strangely enough they have hundreds of computers.. but not a single Apple machine?
The cost of Apple machines doesn't come into it, as the business turns over £3m a week and is awash with cash. The PC's they use aren't exactly what you would call cheap, as they all cost in excess of £3k.
If Apple products were superior at doing what is required, without a doubt everyone in that office would have one. More than likely they would have 2 and another for home use.
My guess is that both Apple machines and PC's do certain tasks better than the other .. so isn't it a case of 'horses for courses' ?

// I want to know why you can't buy iOS for any machine as you can with Windows. /

Apple make their own devices and charge a lot of money for them.
If they licensed their operating system to Dell and the like, they would make cheap machines and Apple would go bankrupt. They did licence their OS in the 1990s and nearly went out of business (Microsoft saved them).
The iPhone SE is good value.
I like Apple because it all "just works" and works quickly. If there are problems, their free 24/7 chat assistance is without parallel.
unlike pc's you cannot upgrade parts, thinking of a gaming rig for example or for graphic design..not sure about hard drives though.
software is cheaper on pc as well and a lot free.

Apple do not make a gaming PC. It is not a market they are in. Real gamers use consoles, XBox or PlayStation. Souping up a consumer PC into a gaming machine is a bit pointless and expensive especially when a brand new Xbox is less than £300.
An off the peg iMac is absolutely fine for Graphic Design, there should never be any reason to upgrade it for that task.
Oh, lovely. Another great divide to argue about. Did Brexit get boring already ?
KARL nailed it (01-04 13:09) - snob value.
It must be tough now with Starbucks et al closed. Where can one strike a pose with one's iMac ?
iPhones ? Are they truly iConic ? No, that honour goes to this classic:

... there should never be any reason to upgrade it for that task. (fender62)
Righto ! But there will be a more expensive model along shortly & one wouldn't want to fall behind one's peers.
There's an expression for that ...
Sunk, /Real gamers use consoles, XBox or PlayStation. Souping up a consumer PC into a gaming machine/ your wrong pc gaming rigs are for real gamers, they are not souped up.. but custom made to spec by requirement or built by enthusiasts with the knowledge.

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