Facebook Avatars Not There!

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auntie-bertie | 11:58 Mon 04th Jan 2021 | Technology
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I have no option for Avatar under the 3 horizontal lines. Running iphone 11 and latest update. Any ideas please?
Strange thing is that I seem to have created one in the past ( I think perhaps via messenger) because when I comment on a FB post and click the smiley face (not the one on the keypad but the one in the box where you type next to GIF) I see various ones of me saying BYE or Congratulations but there seems no way now to edit these.


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Have you tried asking FB?
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There is no way to Ask FB..... I have read every blog or post on how to create Avatars but none seem to mention that they are region specific or only rolled out to a few users.
Got to own profile page, tap the camera icon next to your profile picture, and either choose or upload a new one.
Facebook does not use avatars as such, it will use a smaller version of your profile picture to mark your posts.
I have the iphone11 as well Auntie Bertie, have you tried clearing the cache, doing a restart etc?

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Facebook Avatars Not There!

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