Footnotes Not Exporting - Please Help!

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312131lawstudent | 21:06 Sun 03rd Jan 2021 | Technology
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I have an assignment due in tomorrow and I was finalising it tonight. Every time I try to export the document it deletes the footnotes but I need them as referencing makes up a large majority of marks.

I've tried using both Microsoft Word and Google Docs but both have deleted the footnotes.

Anyone have any clue why this is happening and how to fix it?

Thank you - sorry if this is a really stupid question and there's an obvious fix but I have been trying for near on an hour.


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You've no said which format (or software) you're trying to export the document to. Normally an assignment wouldn't need to be 'exported' at all but simply 'saved', with the saved file then being emailed (or otherwise submitted) to the tutor or examiner in *.doc, *.docx or *.odf format. So I'm somewhat confused by your question.

However if you're trying to export your file as a pdf (why?) it might be worth checking to see how you've linked to the footnotes from your main text, as doing so incorrectly can lead to the type of problem that you're experiencing:

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Footnotes Not Exporting - Please Help!

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