My Land Line Phone

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teacake44 | 12:01 Sat 19th Dec 2020 | Technology
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My land line phone is out of action, on the display its saying " Check your line connection" batteries are fully charged, so no problem there, I've by passed any filters and plugged the phone directly into the phone socket, still no good.

So I bought a new phone, to eliminate other problems with the phone, still no good, same message. My broadband works on my phone line, But is not affected. Any Ideas


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If you've used the master socket and a different phone there must be a line fault; report it. It is perfectly possible for the phone to be broken and the broadband to be OK; it happened to us the other week.
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OK cheers, just wanted to eliminate all or most before reporting such.
If there isn't a dialing tone then it's probably an external fault. Report it to your provider.
have you tried dialling yourself from a mobile it may be a false message.
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Yes I did that CAC and I can hear it ringing out as it should on my mobile, but not ringing in the house.
I've just this very minute come off a call with Sky about the very same thing.
An external fault they tell me but nothing at all to do with the recent upgrade of my package.

Aye right then.

If you're calling them it's about a 20 minute hold with the worst music ever.
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^^ They couldn't tell the truth if they tried, its always a case of something we've done wrong, it must be you're computer, it must be you're phone????? :0)

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My Land Line Phone

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