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Jaimsieboy | 21:08 Sun 06th Dec 2020 | Technology
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Hi B....Did you happen to see my previous post about the nag I am having with Google Chrome ?
Any advice etc. ?


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I bought a cheap mobile from Argos, put the accompanying SIM card in, and now get all incoming calls. As I've not registered with the SIM card provider, I can't make outgoing calls, but I pay nothing. This suits me as I only wanted it for receiving second-level-security codes from banks etc. when working online, I'm not interested in making outgoing calls. How long this will last I've no idea, been OK for a couple of months so far.
Yup, I saw it but I wasn't certain about an answer. I don't use Chrome myself, as I prefer to use Slimjet (which, however, is based upon the same 'source level' browser, Chromium, that Chrome is). As the same basic code is behind both browsers, it's probably unsurprising that I've also noticed Google search terms jumping into the browser's address bar (or 'omnibox', as the developer's of both browsers prefer to call it).

Of course, you should never need to visit anyway (or use a dedicated search box within your browser), as the omnibox performs exactly the same function anyway. (I search Google at least 100 times each day but I never go to However, if you want to keep on using Google's search page (or a dedicated search box), you might be able to stop the 'jumping' behaviour by setting the omnibox's behaviour to use something other than Google as its search engine (thus breaking the link between the search terms you type and the omnibox).

So give this a try:
Click the three dots (top right).
Select 'Settings' and then 'Search engine'.
Change 'Search engine used in the address bar' to anything other than Google.
Methinks Canary42 might have posted on the wrong thread ;-)
Ooops, yes you're right Chris. Apologies, I'll repeat it on the right thread (if I can find it)
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Hi Buenchico,
Thanks for the IT Tips...will give it a go...sorry I did not reply sooner...Merry Xmas....J/Boy

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