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Maydup | 17:15 Mon 30th Nov 2020 | Technology
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Bought a new TV and hoping to ditch the Humax box and use the recording facility. Will a 16gb USB stick have enough storage for a few films and half a dozen 1 hour films?

I cant find the storage capacity of the Humax box to use as a comparison.


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Video takes up around 10MB / minute, so 16GB should be around 20 hours at standard def.
The smallest capacity available with a Humax box from their current range is 320GB, with the largest capacity being 2TB.

An SD movie requires roughly 1.5GB of memory, whereas an HD one might need 5GB.
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Many thanks, I'll buy another USB stick and keep the 16gb for other things.

Sounds like 1TB will worth having for plenty of room.
No it won’t. It will store about one and a half hours of tv
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Looking at USBs but before I buy one, is there a better solution for the job?
External hard drive
Bear in mind that if your tv has only one tuner you will only be able to record the channel you are watching and your tv may have to be turned on to record

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