Paper Like Screen Protector For Ipad

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calmck | 10:10 Wed 25th Nov 2020 | Technology
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Does anyone have any experience with the paper like screen protectors. Reviews are very mixed. Granddaughter is getting a new IPad Pro which she will use for home schooling and art. She wants a screen protector but is not sure which one to go for. She will have an Apple Pencil. Any advice welcomed


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I am not sure what you mean by paper like? i use this brand on my ipad, iphone ands kindle and they are very good but they are a thin sheet of a plastic like substance, nothing like paper
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Paper like supposedly means it is more like paper to draw on with the Apple pencil
I use an apple pencil with the jettech and it works fine.
sorry, doorbell rang. I use an ipencil with my ipad and have done for some years. yes it feels different from drawing on paper but it doesn't cause me any problems...I am not a great artist or anything but I get good control and precision. can I suggest that if she is having an apple pencil that you also get her a separate charger for it? Its quite clumsy charging it off the ipad as it sticks straight out at the side which means you have to be REALLY careful if you are using the ipad for the things while the pencil is charging. A keyboard, maybe built into the case, would be good too.
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Thanx both for your input. Granddaughter will ask art teacher and read more reviews. She is saving up to buy the I Padang accessories herself and "wants to get it right"
bless her! She probably knows but Amazon is MUCH cheaper than apple for accessories. A cool thing that I just bought is a plug in thing that lets the ipad read usbs.
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With the plug in thing can she transfer files from Mac book to IPad
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Can you tell us what make yours is please
Make sure any OTG adapter (for that is what it is called) has the right connection for her iPad - it could be USB-C or Lightning and they are not interchangable
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Many thanx for all the info. You both deserve BA

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Paper Like Screen Protector For Ipad

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