Fao Buenchico Re Sony Headphones

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Chinajan | 16:50 Mon 16th Nov 2020 | Technology
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Currently replacing my existing headphones and decided to go with your recommendation of Sony RF811.

Puzzled as to why this set on amazon costs so much less than the same item from different sellers and indeed, from other sources on t'internet. According to the listing they're neither returned goods nor demo models. Any idea? The only differences I can see are the addition of 'CEK' in the description and the longer shipping time.


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Buen has his radiotherapy his afternoon Jan, am sure he'll see this later.
Question Author
Okay thank you Mamya
Quick dispatch, slow delivery usually implies they're coming from the far east.
I can't answer your question but Buenchico will.
I too have those headphones and although the sound is superb, I find them heavy and uncomfortable and cannot adjust the headset.
Perhaps Buenchico could comment on his return ?
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Thanks bhg - checked out the seller and they have a Jersey address, not that that's indicative.
I also have those headphons (is buen on commission?) I do find them comfy, although the sound does leak a bit
I can see no reason why you shouldn't buy from that supplier. I paid full price (from Malins, I think) for my first set, which lasted me many years. When they eventually packed up though, I bought a set of 'opened but unused' ones online for around half price. They were like new and work perfectly.
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Great! Thanks very much.

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Fao Buenchico Re Sony Headphones

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