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ummmm | 16:32 Sat 07th Nov 2020 | Technology
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For some reason my computer has signed me out and it's not accepting the password. Is there a simple way to retrieve it?

I'm using a Chromebook. I have the password written down but it keeps saying it's wrong.


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Start by checking that you've not simply pressed the Caps Lock key.

Then try turning your Chromebook off and turning it on again.

If that hasn't helped, use an alternative device (such as the one you used to post this question) to access the Google account recovery page in order to reset your password:
in addition to Buenchico's excellent advice, who else has access to your chromebook?
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My partner opened a new account. As far as I remember I've never set a password on this device. He hasn't either. I'm a bit reluctant to log out in case I can't get in again.

This'll teach me to not write things down in my own made up code :-)
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Woof...everyone has access to it as it wasn't password protected. No one else really uses it though.
anybody naughty?
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No, luckily. The younger ones use their iphones and ipads.
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I've managed to log in here, FB and Tesco. I can't get into Amazon or my email account.
ummmm I posted in Body and Soul re Melatonin fo you
If it's specific accounts that you can't get into, rather your Chromebook as a whole, try clearing the cache in your browser (which I assume is Chrome):
I tried changing my outlook password last year and ended up locking myself out. I ended up having to create a new email account to reset my existing one and get a verification code. I think most accounts now have a 2 step verification process where you add your mobile number for additional security.
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Thanks everyone. I've managed to get into all my accounts.

I'm terrible for writing things down and believing I'd understand it 6 months later when in reality it's random scribbles.

You'd never want to read my diary!!

And thanks again Cal.

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