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eve1974 | 08:45 Tue 03rd Nov 2020 | Technology
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Is there a way to forward a call ONLY if I miss a call.

To prevent it going to voicemail.

So if it rings phone 1 and I don’t answer the call goes to phone 2?


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Yes, all you are doing is replacing the forward to voicemail with another number. Firstly check what your voicemail forwarding is set to by entering *#61*11# and pressing the green handset button as if making a call. The first response should be something along the lines of 'voice call forwarding, when unanswered forwards to ********* Enabled where the **** is the number of your voicemail., make a note of this number as you may want to revert to it. Then you want to enter the following *61*{dest}*11*{sec}# where {dest} without the brackets is the full phone number you want the call to go to and {sec} is the amount of time in seconds that your pone should ring for, 30 is the maximum. Once that's done, retry the *#61*11# to check the status. If you want to revert to using voicemail for unanswered calls you redo the second command using the number you made a note of earlier in place of {dest}
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Thank you thats helpful

I tried it - and it seems that cos its a pay as you go phone it doesnt work (can only forward to voicemail which seems daft!)
Ah, that might be because then you’d have to be using credit to forward the call and they wouldn’t know how much to debit you, annoying!
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Thanks for your earlier answer tho
You can get extension leads for telephone lines for about £5. That would allow you to position the base-unit close to a mains outlet and still connect it to the phone socket.

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Call Forwarding Iphone

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