Very Serious Hack Facebook

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pumpjack | 21:16 Thu 29th Oct 2020 | Technology
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Open till today my Facebook password was always the same I have went to delete my account put my correct password but Facebook says it's incorrect
I have tried to reset it using my email then went back onto Facebook and change my password which I have written down
after writing down the password I continue to delete the Facebook and put TN the password into to the box which asked me to enter password but still Facebook is saying incorrect password

this is very very serious I need to get the bottom of this
maybe my emails and everything have been hacked
help or advice please


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You must have been logged in to start the delete process surely? Are you saying then it asked you to confirm your password in order to delete and that's the point it said it was wrong?

One thing you could do to start with is to ask one of your Facebook friends to look at your profile and see if it looks okay - not putting out spam etc.

I'm not on Facebook myself so I'm just guessing at the process here really.
The most common reason for this would be that you have your Caps Lock on and/or your Number lock key.
Or you have a remember password function thats causing problems. Some of mine something is entered automatic which is wrong and so when a type mine it adds to it, so after delete it and type in the correct one
Or maybe its your email adress your getting wrong
Its usualy something simple. Log out Take a breather , get a freind to check your profile is okay. Try again later.
Off course it could be Bill Gates and the new world order getting back at you for your Agenda 21 corona conspirocy theries on here

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Very Serious Hack Facebook

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