Night Light App For A Laptop, With Task Bar Function?

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joko | 17:25 Wed 14th Oct 2020 | Technology
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I know Windows 10 comes with one in the settings but to use it you need to go into settings every time - i have sensitive eyes & i am forever using the Dimscreen app & having to use the night light function, to yellow my screen.

i have it on most of the time, but sometimes i do things where i need full colour & im flitting between different stuff

so is there an app - similar to Dimscreen, that will simply place a nightlight button on my taskbar so i can just click it?

I also have a sidebar of windows gadgets - is there one that can go there maybe?

many thanks :)


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Dimmer might be worth a try.

Download it from here:

When the zip file has downloaded, click on its name (at the bottom left of your screen) to open it.

Click on Dimmer.exe to highlight it.

Click on Extract.

Click on OK.

Click the upward arrow, to the left of the address bar, to go up a level (to your Downloads folder)

Minimise any other windows (such as your browser), so that you can see the Downloads folder displayed on top of your desktop.

Click-&-drag Dimmer.exe onto your desktop.

Close the Downloads folder.

Click-&drag Dimmer onto your taskbar.

To open the app, click on its taskbar icon.

Adjust the slider to your required brightness. (It's counter-intuitive, with the setting for maximum brightness at the bottom of the slider!)

Minimise the window to get it out of sight.

To get back to a regular display, click on the Dimmer icon in the Notification Area (bottom right corner of your screen) and close the app. (You might need to click on the 'Show hidden icons' upward arrow to see the icon).

The next time you click on the Dimmer icon in your taskbar it will remember the brightness setting you had before.

If you don't like the app, simply right-click on Dimmer on your desktop and select Delete.
Alternatively, just press the Fn button and the screen brightness up/down button at the same time. (It's what I do!)
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Thanks buen, ill give that a try. i do use the normal brightness functions on the laptop too - but i find the inbuilt one & dimscreen seem to change the brightness differently- hard to explain, but together they do it well - its the yellow-ness function i need - the one that mutes the blue light tone of the screen - windows calls it 'nightlight'
its just annoying to have to go into settings etc to change the levels & turn it on & off

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Night Light App For A Laptop, With Task Bar Function?

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